Poems &

Viaticum.” Ashbery Erasures. Diagram. 2020.

Stalled.” Below Freezing: Elegy for the Melting Planet. 2018.

Xmas.” Dodging the Rain. 2018.

“Abaddon.” Selects: 2014-17. Anthology, Fathom Books. 2018

Bargains.” Birds Piled Loosely. 2017.

Raising the Dogs of War.” WLA. 2016.

A is for Apple.” The offbeat. 2016.

“City by the Sea.” New Orleans Review. (Shakespeare Edition). 2016.

Arrow in Translation.” The Indianola Review. 2015.

The Little Book of Anxieties.” Yellow Chair Review. 2015.

Abaddon.” “Altimeter.” SHARKPACK Poetry Review. 2015.

In Theory.” Storm Cellar. 2015.

On Sale, e.g.,Epigraph Magazine. 2015.

Alternate Ending.” “For Example.” “Demeanor.” New Delta Review. 2015.

“Protagonist.” Wherewithal. 2015.

Samhain.” Chicago Literati. 2014.

3 Poems. The Poetry Storehouse. 2014.

Formaldehyde.” Spoon River Poetry Review. 2014.

IS MILF.” “Contributors.” “Oh My God Particle.” The Legendary. 2014.

Trigger Pullers.” “Porno Star as CIA Operative.” BlazeVOX. 2014.

“Once in a While.” JMWW. Spring 2014.

Bird Box.” “My Father Now that I’m Twenty.” Anthologized in The Great American Poetry Show, Vol 3. 2014.

“a day in the life.” “At the Poetry Reading where I Imagine Dogs.” Write to Woof Anthology. Grey Wolfe Publishing. 2014.

“First-date Kiss.” “Second-date Kiss.” Literary Sexts Anthology. Words Dance Publishing. 2014.

Family Photo.” Connotation Press. 2013.

“Mother Tongues.” Quiddity International Literary Journal and Public-Radio Program. 2013.

A Found Pastoral.” Spoon River Poetry Review. 2013.

History of Dinosaurs.” Construction Magazine. 2013.

“Eye of the Needle.” “War Story.” “Platoon.” War, Literature, and the Arts. 2013.

“Impressions of Light.” The Sim Review. UK. 2013.

“In Any Misadventure: Fragments of Post WWII Novelette, Dirty Pictures.” theNewerYork. 2013.

To The Editor.” Loose Change. 2013.

“Bird Box.” “In the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” JMWW. 2013.

Stranded.” “Different Ways of Starting a Love Poem.” Overpass Books. 2013.

“Professor.” The Laughing Dog. Print. 2013.

“I Think I Think About Billy Collins.” Subsynchronous Press. Poem of the Month. 2013.

“Ingenuity.” Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose. Print. 2013.

Neighbors.” The Hamilton Stone Review. 2013.

“Famous Last Meals Match Up.” theNewerYork. 2013.

“At the Poetry Reading Where I Imagine Dogs.” The Bicycle Review. 2013.

My Father Now that I’m Twenty.” The Breakwater Review. 2013.

Midnight.” Cellpoems. 2013.

“Invocation.” Sow’s Ear Poetry Review. 2013.

Restoration of Breakwater Bridge.” Blast Furnace Press. 2012.

flash fiction

Reimagining FBI Missing Persons Case # 13G176.” Fiction. The Citron Review. 2012.

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